Welcome to Creator Cacao, where every creation begins with a seed and a heartfelt dream before blossoming into a flower. Our journey is grounded in a philosophy of creation that extends far beyond crafting delicious cacao; it's about nurturing the unique creative spirit within each of us.

Origin Story

Creator Cacao was born out of the belief that creation is at the core of the human experience, and this humanity should be nurtured by the products, people, and places we welcome into our lives.

After a decade of working in corporate technology, our founder, Kylee Klugman, embarked on a healing and heart-opening journey, exploring various plant medicines, and traveling to spiritual centers and healing tribes around the world.

Little did she know that by opening her heart, she would discover her artistic calling deep within her soul. While working with various plant medicines, Cacao pierced the heart of Kylee wide open in the mountains of Cusco, Peru. It was an adventurous and warm introduction that ultimately led her to introduce this brew stateside. 

The Philosophy of Creation

At Creator Cacao, we firmly believe that creation is not just an action but a way of life. It's about embracing the process, cherishing the journey, and reveling in the satisfaction of bringing something new and beautiful into the world from unseen realms. Our philosophy of creation is deeply rooted in the following principles:

Intention: We are driven by an unwavering passion for creating from the heart. We are dedicated to offering products that we ourselves use, ones that tantalize the taste buds and nourish the soul. It is with Intention that we narrow our focus and create a life worth living. 

Art for Arts Sake: Create. Create because it's the essence of our existence. Create what resonates with your soul and brings it to life. Don't create with the intention of controlling the outcome, but rather to express your truest nature in three-dimensional form. Don't create to seek external validation, but to share your essence from that unique moment in time and space.

Fearless Spirit: Creativity knows no boundaries, and often, authentic creations are unlike anything seen before. Your creation may reinterpret age-old truths through your unique perspective. A Creator is fearless in the pursuit of their art. Seek self-understanding through the act of creation itself, for that's all there truly is. An ongoing willingness to continue in face of temporary defeat builds character and defines the spirit. 

Mind-emptiness: In a world that often rushes past the present moment, and is filled with distractions and messages of needing to be more than we already are, we encourage mind-emptiness. Mindfulness is a term translated from Buddhism but does not accurately depict any of the goals of meditation or self care. It really is about becoming an empty vessel to receive divine knowledge and be a Shepard of something bigger than yourself. When you are empty of your ego, limiting societal beliefs, the idea of separation, it is there and then you can receive your calling and channel it into exsistence.

Inspiration: We believe that creation begets creation. Our products are designed to inspire and ignite your inner creativity. Whether you're an experienced artist, entrepreneur, space holder, or parent, we hope our cacao can awaken your inner muse. 

Myth of the Condor and Eagle

We believe that Creator Cacao is helping to fufill an age-old prophecy of the condor and eagle flying together, uniting traditions from the south with those from the north and guiding individuals from the north to receive healing wisdom from the south. We believe in creating from a place of universal balance in our world and achieving a balance of the masculine and feminine within oneself. With permission from the medicine and the tribes and farms that cultivate it, Kylee finds great joy in sharing this heart-healing brew in North America.