How to Prepare the Best Morning Cup of Cacao

What is Needed 👇

  • Small to Medium Size Pot
  • 25-32 Grams of Creator Cacao
  • Local Honey
  • 8-10oz Cups Spring Water or Equivalent (avoid tap)
  • Stirring Spoon (recommend not to use metal)
  • Sage & Lighter
  • Good Attitude

Start by sage/smudging your cooking tools to clear the energy.

At home, using a small to medium size pot, pour 8-10oz of quality water (anything but tap and instead can use spring, osmosis, pure H20, etc...) into the pot and turn the heat on to about a 4 out of 10 (or just below medium heat) on the stove. 

Immediately after adding the water, add 25-32 grams of Creator Cacao. The more Cacao you use the more potent your drink will be (this is a personal preference).

Stir occasionally using a wooden or non-metal spoon for about 4-5 minutes, until the block of cacao has mixed into the water and there are no remnants or large chunks in the pot. During this time, we encourage you to add your intentions and stirr heartfelt prayer into the melting cacao.

**Heads up** Some people prefer to break cacao into smaller pieces by dicing it with a knife and then adding to the pot of water for a slightly quicker integration while cooking. We suggest adding like a brick vs cutting into smaller pieces as it keeps more of its medicinal properties and consistency this way.

Once the cacao has integrated into the water, add sweetener to taste into the pot (honey, agave, maple). Creato Cacao's favorite is local honey, and each sweetener will add something unique to the elixir. Cacao is a naturally bitter brew, but with just a bit of natural sweetness added, it tips over into a pure and nourishing delight!

Taste with a spoon to get it just right before pouring into your morning chalice and enjoy. As the cacao cools it will begin to thicken, and when it's gone you'll have resin at the bottom of your cup. Like tea leaves, the resin can be read. ;)

**When in doubt you can always add more cacao if the drink is not thick enough or more water if the cacao is too thick for your liking.